Creative to serve your message !!

Small or big as it is
each company needs to communicate through the graphics.
Each subject needs an identity
of a "Corporate Identity"
which follows the philosophy of the enterprise representing it
outside and on the market


Over 20 years of experience in the Custom Motorcycle industry

Castompieces, Airbrushes, Adhesive Graphics, Tuning Graphics



Operazione in Franchigia da IVA

Art.1 Commi 54/89

Legge 190/2014


Mauro Pacelli
via Luigi noviello 12
81016 Piedimonte Matese (ce)

Tel.Info.:333 3667272
Fax:0823 912313


Numero registro delle imprese: CE - 297628
Numero Partita IVA: IT 04088600616